I am a software developer & researcher based in Ireland working for Hipo. I work on API backends and R&D projects for our clients. Recent R&D projects have included computer vision, image classification with deep learning neural networks, natural language processing for chat bots, and handling large hierarchical datasets in Postgresql. I primarily develop in Python and occassionally in Javascript & Go.

I also develop Pico, an open source HTTP API framework for Python.

Previously I was a PhD Fellow and Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the National Centre for Geocomputation at NUI Maynooth, Ireland. I was working in the area of computational social science. My research focused on developing methods for understanding societal level behaviour from human activity datasets.

I can be contacted at fergal.walsh@gmail.com

My open source projects can be found on my github page.




Pico is RPC library and web application framework for linking Python and Javascript.

Pico is an open source project hosted at GitHub

Technologies used: Python, WSGI, JSON, Javascript, EventSource


i2maps is framework for building spatial data driven web applications using Python and Javascript. I develop i2maps in collaboration with my colleagues at the NCG.

i2maps is an open source project hosted at GitHub

Technologies used: Python, Javascript, Pico, Postgres/PostGIS, GEOS, Numpy, OpenLayers


A toolkit for visualising rat brain images. Ratlab is used by neuroscience researchers at NUIM.

Ratlab is an open source project hosted at GitHub

Technologies used: Matlab (Image processing, computer vision, GUI development)


GraphView is a small interactive graph visualisation implemented with D3.js. It is designed for quickly visualising small network graphs from edge list files.



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